action movie

dialogue, or what passes for it, peppered with four-letter words; some sort of deal ‘going down’ involving a drug baron or two (the baddies); several bimbos poolside at rich man’s ostentatious villa; one or two muscle-bound heroes (war vets); at least half a dozen gun battles and Kung-Fu altercations; ten or more explosions where large quantities of metal, glass and masonry are flung into the air; a great deal of smoke and noise; half a mile of credits at the end: popular entertainment

7 thoughts on “action movie

  1. Movie entertainment(?) today is a guise for techno whizzes to exploit their skills with special effects. Blubbering scripts filled with expletives and a lack of sensible plots are the norm entertainment be damned. Talented thespians are nowhere to be found. It is all about sexual appeal, violence, corruption and amoral values and nothing to do with acting ability or entertainment.

  2. Ah, so I see that others can rave on about movies as well! Glad the entire world has not been won over to special effects, action and violence as a substitute for plot, dialogue, character and subtlety. Judy

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