i was trying to teach word order – ‘it’s a nice day’ and not ‘it’s a day nice’ or ‘day it’s a nice’ and the textbook had these exercises, strings of words which needed re-arranging into meaningful syntax. There’s a fancy technical term for these but i call them jumbles.
As well as changing the word order the students had to put in punctuation and in order to make it challenging each jumble was printed in lower case and had no commas, full stops or question marks and no clues were given where to start or finish.
Anyway, jumbling we were and doing all right until we came to this particular one, the seventh or eighth on the page. The people who write these textbooks should be given brain scans in advance; don’t they proof-read? The jumble was ‘miss s class dick in brodie is’ and my lot should’ve come up with, ‘Dick is in Miss Brodie’s class.’
This one gave them a lot of trouble, ‘brodie’ was throwing them and the ‘s’ by itself looked peculiar, but eventually Ibrahim, the brightest, stuck his hand up and said, ‘Got it, Sir.’
‘Good,’ i said, ‘let’s hear it, and he said, ‘Class’s dick is in Miss Brodie.’
i couldn’t help myself and quick as a shot said back, ‘That should do wonders for teacher-student rapport.’

4 thoughts on “rapport

  1. Even as the world’s absolute worst grammarian this brings a hardy laugh to me. Punctuation has always been one of many Achilles heels to me and my syntax begging for resuscitation. One might note however in view of the many and increasing cases of female U.S. teachers being prosecuted for rape of under age students, Ibrahim’s analysis may have been spot on. And rapport could just as easily be, rapist!

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