5 thoughts on “citizens

  1. Hello John, Here’s the further reply I promised:

    Your Words Reach Me

    Your poems arrive, and I read

    To discover which John appears.

    Is it John the builder,

    Who adds pitch perfect

    Cadence to inexhaustible words,

    Plucking bright shards

    From fast flowing consciousness,

    Creating aural walls

    Atop we sit and savor

    New vistas, legs dangling?

    Or is it John the unveiler

    Taking a deep breath,

    Diving into the roiling maelstrom

    Of unforgiving stark remembrance,

    Staying down long enough

    To retrieve a scroll of record

    To hold before us

    Until we succumb to truth?

    Mired in the middle ground

    Of detachment and observation,

    I admire immersion in immediacy

    And how it diminishes the distance

    Between you and what you write.

    Precisely because I canít do that

    I use you vicariously

    To do that for me. Charlie Neff2/9/14

    Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2014 13:31:59 +0000 To: chazneff@msn.com

  2. You have earned every accolade Charles alludes to in his comments John. For this reader your writing style is the perfect dress for a debutante the maestro’s interpretation of a Vivaldi concerto. And so it is with those gifted tools you interpret for me the joys of day to day experiences, the mysteries of historical events and your philosophical perspectives. A rich tapestry of life flowing from within your pen.

  3. When I was a university student we used to write some bold anti-soviet poetry (Moscow, the 70s…). Being biologists we were not shy with words, and we often called the obedient and brain-washed masses The masses of faeces.

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