beneath the waves

we delve in the murk of needs
predator and prey taking chances
with a glossary of gestures
nods and brushes to say hello
shrugs for goodbye a cabal semaphore
cancelling deceptions of speech

in the main
others use overt signals to engage
leaving dainty stains of language to fade
in time to an eloquent nought

we know them they know us
yet we have no knowledge of each other
but a distinction by instinct or primal motif

it is we in this dark place
covered bodies shaded minds may see
if brute hungers dissipate

what of sea earth fire sky?
natural clarities muddle us
propel regret of a success wasted
as easily as achieved

and what’s left is fine print
desperate boring lost
if we surface to talk
and choke in the stranglehold of words

19 thoughts on “beneath the waves

  1. Your poem rings true. So true that I respond infrequently to your creativity for fear that frequency might diminish my words. But I’m there beneath the waves, so as you swim, so keep a watery eye out! Charlie

    • Thank you, Hollie, for your continuing support, it’s always gratifying to know one’s work reaches another and means something. Thank you.

      My best to you always


  2. I’ve read this aloud many times and it flows as an elegant observation of the circumstance of human(?) engagement.

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