renewal of fortune

the fallen rise
from their assigned mortuaries
brown shrivels bulging to green health

welded again to life support cables
they hum gratitudes on the wind

a sacred music nudging me
to match unnatural ascent
and reach for a magic hand

all invention possible
in a mind film rewind

in my submerge i hear them entice
‘break the watery hold
slide the liquid highway to the sunlit bank’

and know their urging is my single choice

once more to battle the current of the Styx
i conceive its murk flow crystal Rubicon

8 thoughts on “renewal of fortune

  1. The notion of resurrection precedes all major religions but your focus is more on the power of the imagination to transcend reality and on the indomitable spirit of man.
    You achieve much in a few lines and the final two are to put it simply out of this world. Bravo!

  2. I feel this as taking guidance from nature – recognizing the ever-present inclination toward life/living and understanding, finally, that separation and death are our ultimate illusions.

  3. Without doubt the most complex emotion and philosophy for mortals to get their arms around. Your perspective embraces many in a few beautifully conceived poetic lines. Bravo John.
    Jon Michael

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