21 thoughts on “heavy Hermione McNabb…

    • Thank you, Swetank, thank you and sorry i’m slow getting back to you. i’m doing ok and i hope you are, too, and i thank you once again for the great support, you’re a true blue.
      My best to you

  1. Well, aren’t you in a whimsical mood today 😉 Very witty! If I could think of a limerick in return, I would, but that’s not happening, apparently. Thanks for the laugh, John.

      • Laughter, the best medicine–I know I need a daily dose. Speaking of which, has anyone before in the history of poetry rhymed “roues” with “two ways?” I’m still chuckling over that one.

    • Thank you, Inese.
      i try to post one each saturday – ‘silly saturday’ – so i’ll put one up tomorrow, a very polite one this week but next week’s one will be decidedly naughty.
      Thank you for reading all of them so far and take the best care
      Best wishes to you

  2. Oh my! Poor Hermione McNabb!

    This was complete tickle-your-ribs funny!

    😀 Thank you, John, for this much needed after dinner chuckle.

    Huge hugs coming your way…

    ❤ Jackie

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