cloning, a true story

To protect ‘the guilty’ i’ve changed the names so it’s Malcolm and Fr Tom.
The setting is a boys’ boarding school run by monks.

Malcolm, short and skinny, went to the library to ask the head librarian,
Fr Tom (also short and skinny) if he had any books on cloning. This was back
in the day when cloning was just beginning to gather notice and to be taken
seriously and Malcolm who’d entered the Young Scientist of the Year competition
was keen to present a project on the subject.

Fr Tom hadn’t heard of cloning and asked Malcolm to explain. Malcolm
told him what he knew and Fr Tom said, ‘You mean if this thing works
we could have twenty little yous.’
‘Yes, Father, but it could be worse.’
‘It could be twenty little yous.’

Kicked out of the library and had to get classmates to borrow books for him
but Malcolm went on to win Young Scientist of the Year.
Today, he’s a consultant oncologist.

28 thoughts on “cloning, a true story

  1. Funny and Inspiring. Brother John you said its a true story is it? I mean it should be in late 60’s or 70’s ?

    Best wishes,
    Swetank (from Being Bettr)

  2. I remember you saying more than once that the tongue is the only wicked organ
    in the body and here we have it at its best, or worst. Good on ya, Malcolm!

  3. Humor can be no more rewarding than when in truth it is based. I love humor, wicked et al, and this proves wicked is not a prerequisite to the down deep chuckle it may bring. Master or lore I have this day bestowed upon you John. Send me more and more.

  4. A lovely story. Nice to hear stories of success against what would normally be considered tough obstacles in life. I read it after reading ‘will,won’t,will,won’t’ which was a great read as well. Did you teach at the monastery John? Thank you for following my blog and for your comments. I appreciate your thoughts. because they come from such a gifted writer they mean a lot 🙂

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