29 thoughts on “my stunning first cousin from the Cape

  1. I don’t suppose that I should have laughed quite as much at this – but I did! Strange how the things that are the least ‘Politically Correct’ are often the funniest.
    Once again you have shown great dexterity in your writing, John.

    • A fellow ‘believer’ in ‘politically incorrect’
      of course nowadays one has to watch virtually every word one says in public and we may be the poorer for that..but enough!
      Thank you, Chris, thank you

    • Glad you liked it, Brother Swetank. Thank you for the support, it’s encouragement to me
      even when i write my saturday bits of ‘madness’
      You take the best care

    • Thank you, Hollie, for the generous comment, just my Saturday ‘bit of madness’ ; I have lots more but most of them aren’t suitable for a ‘family show’ so they won’t see the light of day..anyway, thank you again

  2. “Like” cuz she escaped! Now I’m imagining my own part two where the rapist tried to go after her but fell from the ladder and broke it’s skull, LOL.

  3. Limericks and Haiku are not my forte. But then, I’m not certain that I have a forte regarding the written word! Your limerick is quite special and very entertaining for his chap John.

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