26 thoughts on “P. Picasso while painting pubescents

  1. Why does it not surprise me that you write masterful limericks? The alliteration adds a wonderful touch to the first half of this, and your command of both vocabulary and rhythm is astounding!

    • Mark, thank you. I have a few more ‘acceptable’ ones but most aren’t suitable for general viewing, it’s easier to write bawd than polite so they’ll stay buried..another, next ‘silly saturday’
      Again, my best to you, Generous Friend

  2. Tried to like it twice, but it just unliked you, so actually I liked you thrice which shows up as once. And I must amend that you get two extra points as you rhymed pubescents twice. Does this feel like I’m stalking you, leaving three messages for one limerick? Not stalking. Just disorganized.

  3. I do love a good limerick! In fact, many years ago my mother recognized my affinity for poetry and literature. She bought me a book entitled “Bawdy Limericks” which was quite out of character for her! We quietly shared the same twisted sense of humour! I kept that book many years and enjoyed frequent laughter from it…quite a lady that mom of mine!

    The subtlety of this is marvelous John!

  4. Thank you, Don, and bless that good mother of yours! Happy you like the limerick, i do share your taste for them and please look out for another tomorrow – my silly saturday moment
    Again, thank you

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