mirage of is

is the grass tangles of Sargasso
are the trees magic mushrooms
in a galactic omelette
and this border of crocuses
a phalanx of Spartan warriors?

in altered state
the asks are simple to accommodate
plain awake they jab slim needles into flesh
the alerter head resisting acupuncture invasion

half world falls between stools
of be and hyperbole
and lands anaesthetised
apathy of surd absurd

whichever way my senses filter
i don’t wish an escort of fairies

i am the fairy at the bottom of the garden

21 thoughts on “mirage of is

  1. An exploration of what is real and what may not be, these 16 lines nudge me to examine personal perceptions as well as general. What is real? I think Plato would have liked this and I know Winnie and myself certainly do. You have a gifted way
    of challenging and enlightening.

  2. Reality and perception are frequently diametrically opposed. As the validity of eyewitness accounts being challenged in courts and more often than not discounted as totally inaccurate.

  3. John, this – for me – is one of your best. The word choices and substance behind each line are masterful. These are, indeed, sublime musings. Of a higher order, yet present in humility. This is a painting of blurred lines and bleeding color. I love it.

  4. I very much enjoyed this one, John, and talk of altered states and magic mushrooms took me back to the 60’s, although I never experienced a galactic omelette–I didn’t explore too far, learning quickly that my subconscious wasn’t a safe place to visit. So you’re the fairy at the bottom of the garden–loved that!

    • Willow, I love your very personal and very warm response to the work..and you like that last line..if I’m being totally honest, and I am, I’m rather fond of it myself.. Once again, a sincere thank you

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