Elagabalus: thrice-married bisexual transvestite teenage emperor


That a fourteen-year-old Syrian-born size queen who had the whole of his body depilated to arouse the lusts of the greatest numbers and who constantly sent his agents around Rome to search for and procure men who had particularly large sexual organs was permitted to ascend the throne to become supreme ruler of one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen and to hold on to power for the four best years of his teenage life is at once testimony to that vast institution’s imagination and tolerance and a fitting comment on its imperfections and decadence.
This thrice-married bisexual transvestite teenage emperor may not be as well-known as Nero and Caligula but when it comes to ‘excessive’ and ‘unusual’ he can more than hold his own with that pair and he may have departed prematurely (murdered at 18, beheaded and his body tossed in the Tiber) but what a high school education the boy had before graduation!

35 thoughts on “Elagabalus: thrice-married bisexual transvestite teenage emperor

  1. Something great to know Brother John!! I liked it! 🙂 The Biography is really an interesting piece to read. Well, so sad that he has been murdered at 18. Great work!!

    Swetank! Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂

  2. There is a twenty-first century parallel. History does indeed repeat itself! You surprised me once again with a unique subject matter and a presentation that is informative and delivered
    so entertainingly. A bravo from this reader John.

    • Thank you, Judy. I may be wrong about this but I believe some years back a film was planned on his life but the project never made it past the planning stage..perhaps we’re better for that..

    • Yes indeed, Hollie, infamous and while he was allowed to get away with much he did shock the ordinary conservative citizen and eventually the palace guards did him and his influential mother in.

  3. Very interesting. Next time my husband starts thinking he knows everything about the Roman empire and the emperors, I’m going to pull this out and watch his mouth drop! I enjoy bits and pieces of little known history. thank you! and thank you for finding and following my blog. I hope you will visit often and feel welcomed. it’s a bit of a mishmash, but I enjoy doing it. haven’t done much poetry lately but with fall sneaking slowly in, I have a feeling they will start beginning to take root in my little head. Again, thank you!

  4. It is the first time I hear about this thrice-married bisexual transvestite teenage emperor!!!. Thanks for this informative and interesting post, dear John.
    Best wishes and happy weekend ahead to you,
    Aquileana 😀

  5. Thank you, Dear Aquileana, and I’m happy you found the post interesting. I may have a few more lesser known emperors to write about later.
    The best of weekends to you, too.

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