Acronym for Specious OverSpeak and therefore, strictly speaking, should be spelt SOS, but in order to avoid the obvious clash with the indispensable distress signal and to encourage its survival it shall be spelt SOZ and said with a dying fall.
SOZ should be reserved as a subtle condemnation for the insidious bullshitters we encounter at work or at church or listen to on serious radio and television programmes. It’s particularly applicable to Hollywood people talking about their craft, Parisians, advertisers, bankers, politicians, financial analysts, insurance men and guys trying to sell you artwork in plywood for your office wall.

29 thoughts on “SOZ

  1. Good one, John! The first time through I thought you’d skipped “politicians,” but thank goodness, you didn’t. ” Guys trying to sell you artwork in plywood for your office wall,” is so specific, I wondered if you had a bad experience recently 🙂

  2. Thank You, Willow.
    No, couldn’t miss out the politicians, that wouldn’t do at all.
    If you have a minute look at my first post under ‘out and about’ – a sense of worth in California – and you’ll see where the guy selling artwork in plywood came from.
    Best to you

  3. I miss the simpler times of hearing “please,” “thank you” and not interrupting while another is speaking (which I do violate, but I’m working on it).

  4. Have you got this right or what? On the money, Sir!

    must mention Winnie is still tickled by “gloomy as the opening of an Ingmar Bergman film” in “The Longing…Martin”

  5. so true! re: politicians, spot on. Somehow I always end up with some tacky art…I think these folks seek me out knowing I am a soft touch. thanks for great text!

    • Thank you, Hollie. I was taken for a few rides, too, when it came to bad artwork but not any more; I developed a hard edge against chancers and besides I don’t have the money to buy – one of the few virtues of being poor.
      Hollie, as always, great support

  6. The masters of misdirection innuendo and bovine scatilla. You could have added in the fabled used car salesmen for the U.S. readers John. They are notorious SOZ persons. Loved this one ! Accurate personality assessment and artistically conceived work.

    • LOVE your comments, Jon, My Friend. i must watch out for that bovine scatilla at every turn. You’re right, the piece could’ve done with the inclusion of those
      expert used car salesmen, what SOZes they are!

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