watching you sleep

intruder at the gate
of unexpressed desires
demonstrator behind barriers
of swell and fall unconscious

i realise differences of state
are the hardest separations

i’d lie beside you
if i thought our dreams would unite
for without that
sleep is a shared oblivion

32 thoughts on “watching you sleep

  1. Myra,
    You’ve overwhelmed me once more with your generosity of spirit and I like the way you interpret even if I didn’t intend it to be scary in any way.
    Great that you see it the way you do

  2. Hollie, high praise indeed and coming from you deeply appreciated.
    I tried accessing your blog yesterday and once again got a ‘oops, blah blah.. message..have no idea what’s happening but it’s likely to be my glitchy connection. Sorry, My Friend, about that.

  3. Absolutely beautiful and impressive, dear John… The last stanza really stands out!.
    Thanks for sharing this jewel.
    Best wishes to you, always, Aquileana 😛

  4. Achingly beautiful Winnie says with a sense of unrequited love and longing and as we both know Winnie is never wrong!!!
    Superb poem, Sir

  5. Brother John, no doubt on your creation. You are a marvelous poet, I must quote that. Your poems inspires me. I usually read them on my evenings. They are always great.. full of meanings and imagination.

    Well, My Best to you!!! Swetank 🙂

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