Belle’s bustline when measured in metric

Belle’s bustline when measured in metric
excited English tailor McGettrick
‘The French at their best
so broaden the chest
they make inches below do a wet trick’

24 thoughts on “Belle’s bustline when measured in metric

  1. Ah yes John, a good mammary has served many men well! McGettrick the tailor no exception. A bit of a sticky wicket to be sure! Limericks are an impossible art form for me and you do them brilliantly.

  2. ailleurs,

    Le tailleur s’escrime à dessiner
    Sur le matelas de tissu,
    Les traits, les pinces
    Où s’imprime un corps à plat mis à nu,
    Où glisser l’éclair arrondi des coutures.

    Épouse la forme.


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