47 thoughts on “for me, the ten most beautiful words are:

  1. Love your collection brother. So, now you are upto lists like me? Isn’t it?

    Well, if I was asked to make mine, I’d go for the same ones you picked. 🙂 Have a marvellous day ahead brother. Keep rocking.

    Be Bettr, Stay Bettr. 🙂

    • Yes, Brother Swetank, I’m fond of a little list now and then..as are you
      I’m happy you like the ten words, very happy.
      You, too, have a good day ahead, Kind Man.
      Always with my best

  2. “You”, of greatest value as it is indicative of the truth value and commitment you hold for the other nine and assigns purpose, your fellow man.

    • Keeping going, Hollie, …just.
      Thank you for the praise of the list and i’m happy you like it, Yes, tolerance is the key to so much and we’re in need of a great deal of it right now across the world.
      You take the best care.

  3. Lovely choices! I will have to think on mine. I do know that my favorite word is prairie. It evokes much peace for me.

  4. Thank you once again, Susan. ‘Prairie’ is indeed a beautiful word and why not make your list? It’s sure to be worthwhile. I have another list of what are for me the most beautiful-sounding words…among them ‘elbow’ and ‘velvet’ but that’s for another day.
    My best to you

  5. Tolerance certainly deserves to be on the list, but I like inclusion even better. There are times when tolerance seems to imply, “I’m going to bite my tongue and say nothing, but I don’t quite approve.” Inclusion is an embrace.

    Nice list, John, and I don’t know what I’d knock out of there to make room for one of my ten favorite words: dessert.

    • Thank You
      for reading and responding so warmly and generously.

      Dessert, eh? i have a sweet tooth, too, but had to draw the line somewhere. i did think initially of making the list as long as 20 but then the longer you make it the less value each word has..so ten it was.

      My best to You


  6. Good words. I am always for honesty and naturalness, too. I suppose, we all have our priorities.

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