an awkward cross of feet
accidental close of hands
as we reach for something
at the same time
eyes custodial as tombs

do not look at the face
it may return an intonation
and we answer in our habits only
to toll of metal bells

36 thoughts on “toll

  1. This is deadly serious and Winnie and myself are wondering how much it has to do with the day that’s in it. We think a lot.

  2. Brother John,

    these lines…

    “do not look at the face
    it may return an intonation”

    Made me fan of your poems!! Truely .. full of surprise and actions “which you can’t control or describe”.

    Always love to ready your marvellous creations! 🙂

    Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂
    Swetank 😉

  3. This spare and understated poem stimulates the imagination.
    There is an underlying current here, suggesting an intriguing
    link between these two individuals. You have evoked a very
    interesting scenario John. I love their quiet movement: deliberate,
    conspiratorial or accidental, I cannot decide.

  4. John, an amazing work and tribute. The voice and visual images you have created with your word choices, brilliant, starting with the very first line, “an awkward cross of feet”. Each line thereafter equally delicate, yet told with such strength, so suggestive of tragedy and loss, most startling because it is so powerful. My compliments to you on such a very emotional and moving piece. Thank you.

    Warm wishes,

  5. My favorite lines:

    accidental close of hands
    as we reach for something

    This feels like the wound caused by a dull, but effective blade.

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