10 alternative definitions

assassins: two or more neighbours huddled in conversation in the bingo hall, down the household cleaners aisle of the supermarket or on the steps of the church

cactus: cantankerous old man of the desert. If we had to live under the conditions he has to we’d be prickly, too

Clayderman: tinkle tinkle little star

couch potato: vegetable feeding on vegetable matter

garage sale: downstream industry where people flog the junk they’ve never used to other people who’ll never use it either

hormones: modern blanket excuse for all kinds of adolescent nonsense our parents didn’t tolerate

international community: euphemism for White House and Downing Street

power: opium of politicians

sushi: Nippon tuck

the good life: if at the end i can say ‘i thought clearly, spoke true and wrote well’
then i lived the good life

51 thoughts on “10 alternative definitions

  1. “Laughs.” This is truly wonderful John. And I especially like the, “cactus: cantankerous old man of the desert. If we had to live under the conditions he has to we’d be prickly, too.”
    The end was the best. Great analogy of life and the humor in it.:-)

  2. Hee hee. Although, as a Yank, had to look up Clayderman on the Internet. (Should Yank start with a small y?) Clayderman as in French pianist?

    You’ve inspired me to Nippon tuck into some chocolate.

    • Yes, that pianist who has often made me want to do damage to elevators…that tinkling piano is the worst! Easy on the chocolate.
      Thank you so much for reading and responding.
      Warmest wishes

  3. Good ones, John–yes, who knows how many characters are assassinated in the locales you mention 🙂 Thanks for the chuckles, and I like your definition of the good life. Best to you!

  4. Witty observations, John – but on a sreious note, how often do we interpret the meaning of words differently from others? And how well can we then understand them? Something to ponder!

  5. “tinkle tinkle little star” is inspired, no other word it and “Nippon tuck” is brilliant, no other word for that one, either. Winnie and myself are chuckling.
    You are quite something, Sir!

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