40 thoughts on “the ‘different’ new Vicar of Birr

  1. More than a flutter and stir that’s for sure. Winnie loves the wordplay with “-laced” and then “fur” clever clever and of course the visual is decidedly “different”
    Great limerick

  2. Coffee compliments your marvelous sense of humor John. A Limerick so fury and slick! The best laugh I’ve had in a while. Thank you!

  3. You know I love your blog, and I nominate you for the Black Wolf Blogger Award! All the rules in my latest post 🙂 Thank you for your great work! If you ignore it, it is OK, I post a link to your page anyway 🙂

    • Inese,
      Thank You very much, I am honoured. I’m no good with awards, not used to them but I am grateful, deeply grateful when someone enjoys what I write so THANK YOU once again.
      You’ve not been well and I’m sorry to hear that – get
      better soonest.
      Big hugs

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