an archbishop humane and refined

an archbishop humane and refined
caught with his hand on a young person’s behind
said: ‘the archbishopric’s such
we must keep in touch
with the keenly felt needs of mankind’

(the last of the limericks…for now)

44 thoughts on “an archbishop humane and refined

  1. I’ve gone to read your collection of limericks—thoroughly delightful! (I enjoy composing in that form too…less in the true “pub tradition”, more “family friendly”, Edward Lear-ish.) 🙂

    • Lovely to know, Cynthia, of another limerick writer, always a pleasure.
      Thank You very much for making the effort to read the other little offerings.
      Big hugs to you

  2. John I certainly hope that you do not wait too long for your next limerick sharing. I would not want you to get behind! But then I suppose that is the “archbishopric’s” duty, isn’t it?

  3. Another great limerick, the third line’s a killer.
    Sorry to hear there won’t be any more, for now at least.

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