i’ve been still for hours
like a lizard sunbathing on a stone
my eyes with the same wide surprise
and my hands without the feel
of anything preciously earthy

this quiet luxurious
as the freedom inside a head
i am love all over again
and see everywhere
i own the view
no one down there can reach me
i am untouchable
and new-scented with an aroma i distil
wrapped in rapture modern mummy

43 thoughts on “still

  1. There is a lot of expression in this poem, and I could interpret it in a few different ways — I love that about poetry. My favorite line, of course, is “I am love all over again” ♥ Beautiful!

  2. As your reviewer Heartafire says intriguing and beautifully expressed.
    There is serenity, self-awarness and essential touch here.
    Winnie and myself love it.

  3. Some times i feel like your words, still but my head and brain are goin on… this is what i think… regards…

  4. You have provided me with the climb to a view John. By revealing what your perspective and inner emotions of the time were I can imagine the psychological progression to achieve your serene perch eagle eyed mystic taking in the glow of creation below you from your personal aerie. “I am love all over” paints the mindset perfectly.

  5. This is probably not what you envisioned at all but, I see a baby swaddled in there crib dreaming far far away. And I very envious of the grin this human has.

  6. I like this muchly. When in florida recently, I saw so many lizards dozing or just being still in the sun. So still, absorbing the sun….I actually poked one with a small stick just to see if it would awaken…it didn’t. it had settled all still within itself, closed its eyes, and died in peace. I stood for awhile looking and wondered, what were its dying dreams?

  7. wrapped in rapture: magnificent.

    I also resonate with “I own the view.” I believe we all own every view we see–if we could only see. No one else stands where we stand, with our unique eyes and hearts and minds. Thank you, John, for this insightful window into life.

  8. This was very interesting John and had me in two directions, a very dark place and then quite freeing of the intensity of the scene below. You write very powerful visions – wonderful work.

  9. This is indeed wonderfully penned John. I am so intrigued…it is something of a puzzle, or riddle, no, I just can’t quite put my finger on it…I love the challenge of interpretation. My thoughts linger on the towering Sartore’s Christ The Redeemer Statue’ in the lofty, vacuous perch high above the heavenly Rio de Janeiro. Or could it be something so much simpler, more common….hmmmm. This works on me in such a wonderful way!

  10. Don,
    What a wonderful response for which I’m more than grateful, it makes the writing and the effort all that much more worthwhile and I like your astute reading of the piece.
    You, Sir, are special.

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