44 thoughts on “october catwalk

  1. I can think of a few cats in my neighborhood who would blend in very well up in the branches of the sycamore and cottonwood trees. I like your “catwalk”, John 🙂

  2. There is much going on here in these three lines. You have a special way of seeing and expressing that most others simply don’t have and that makes you special to Winnie and to me.

  3. Brother John – Beautiful autumn haiku. Love the “pelt and forest, mix and match”
    , and the multi-connotations of “catwalk.”

  4. John, so very clever with grand multiple meanings, as I read it! Yes, it’s the time of year for fashions and catwalks, but we can still enjoy the “mix ‘n’ match” of the “october catwalk” with the changing of the seasons! Not to mention we associated cats with October, striped, mottled, all pelted etc. Never, ever a word wasted, wow, how I admire that. Three lines and so much conveyed! Fantastic! Please have a wonderful weekend!

    Always warm wishes,

  5. Liked this – especially the ‘catwalk’ phrase. Is there anything more fashionable than the elegant Lady Autumn in her fall hues? Or in the confidence of a cat as she carefully makes her way amidst the October foliage? Well done!

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