crawling across the web is a bewildering array of cyberspiders: chancers and con men, advertisers, pervy uncles and flesh sellers, religious extremists, emotomaniacs, self-styled media and writing experts, registered and unregistered schizophrenics all attempting to make some kind of killing or contact with a million other chancers, pervs, religious extremists…
Note: there are a few decent rational people as well.

51 thoughts on “www

  1. There are many of the many, and amongst them, many are very unhappy people. Over 3 years I’ve seen bullying to a few suicides. I have been hounded at times too, but I’ve learned to exchange my uncertainty and tolerance with the magic Mute and Block buttons.
    This is society with little control.

    • Yes, Robyn, absolutely so and bless those mute and block buttons,
      i’m sure many have been saved from me by them.
      There’s no turning back so will society ‘right’ itself
      or is that wished for?
      Thank You for the fine response.
      With my best

  2. it’s a good reminder about the dangers of the www. A frightening thought. I’m not sure I’m entirely sane, but I’m glad to not tick any of the characteristics in your cyberspider list!
    Besides, I’m a firefly. Different species altogether!
    Best wishes

  3. Accountability died a slow and certain death with the advent of political correctness and the age of enlightenment John. Now the disingenuous have unfettered access to the whole of humanity, the web, the cloud. You hit the proverbial nail on the head with your analysis
    of the www as once again few seek to corrupt the majority with what should have been nothing more than the twentieth century’s greatest gift to communications and sharing. Alas the few in mankind corrupt as they seek the unfair advantage. Our decline appears to be pervasive.

  4. Nice one John… And the note at the end is not a minor thing πŸ™‚
    All the best to you, happy weekend Aquileana πŸ˜€
    ⭐ β˜… ⭐ ⭐ β˜… ⭐ ⭐ β˜… ⭐ ⭐ β˜…

  5. This is so on target John, it is enough to make one close the notebook and not reopen it. It seems personal privacy is forfeited in order to join the few gifted and normal enjoying this truly amazing accomplishment, the web. Thank you for telling it like it is! Many hugs , yes I am one of the normal ones despite what you may have read or heard :-).

  6. Tucked away in a cabin with my spouse and two old friends, at the coast — a perfect place to read aloud a Flanagan piece. Never mind that I’m supposed to be getting away from my computer — we were just talking about blogging and this popped up. Cheers.

  7. As an Aussie friend of ours has a habit of saying, “You’re not wrong.”
    “Pervy uncles” reminds Winnie and myself of a man who lived a few doors down from us when we were in Berkshire, but that’s another story.

  8. John, this is wise and cleverly entertaining. Sadly despicable, as bad behavior is often disguised in pretty packages with lovely bows. As always excellent words! You have made a most powerful statement on humanity, not to sound like a fatalist, but I don’t see the tide turning, rather a tsunami that will consume us all. After saying all this, it feels funny to wish you a wonderful weekend (I’m laughing at myself), but I really do mean it!

    Always the warmest wishes,

    • What a great comment, Pepperanne, and so right you are about the tsunami..
      and as one ‘sane’ one (sez he, tongue in cheek) to another a peaceful weekend to you, too.
      Best always

  9. Wonderfully clever as always John…and so true!! Gets kind of seedy out there doesn’t it?! A curiously odiferous waft of unsanitary chase and linger like a sleazy stalker lurking in dark corners while our skin crawls! Ever spend any time on Twitter? Hawwwwwwww! Your case in point!!

    • The ether can be a strange and frightening place a lot of the time.
      No Twitter for me, thanks, I took one look at it and decided I didn’t want or need it.

      Best Always, Don


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