46 thoughts on “mountain river trips

  1. I like rivers, especially those which are rather small and you can sit near just to listen to the sound of water…very nice.

  2. I currently prefer the gentle sweep of the Ichetucknee River on an inner tube as it flows through shaded hammocks and wetlands to join the Santa Fe River at this juncture of my life. Kayaks and white water were exhilarating in my youth. Today there would be fractured old bones not simply black and blue bruises. I love the flow of this work John.

  3. Life does present us with mountains and boulders, we climb and get on the other side seemingly unscathed most of the time, at other times – we’re black and blue with pain that comes along the way or simply from falling

  4. John, this “mountain river” reminds me of the adventures of life. Never a straight line from point A to B, but rather many twist and turns (meandering), hurdles up and over, with many bumps and bruises along the way. Wonderful, clever and beautifully written as always, open to many interpretations. Please take good care and have a wonderful Tuesday!


    • Pepperanne,
      You’re a gem, an absolute gem.
      Thank You for this detailed, insightful comment.
      I’m beginning to look after myself again and am back to eating regular meals..a progress of sorts.
      You have a great week, Friend.

    • Friend Willow,
      I’m definitely with you and Rosa with regard to rivers! To sit quietly is all I need, too; if others want to be more adventurous, good for them but not for us.
      Thank You
      Big hugs

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