a troubled relationship

Sciatica and i have a troubled relationship.
Two days ago i handed him a one-way ticket to the North Pole
and said, ‘You’re off on a working holiday, Santa is in need
of lots of help this time of year.’

‘Who’s Santa?’

“You’ll find out when you get there,’ and as i pushed him out
the door i added, ‘and don’t ever think of coming back you little bastard.’

Fat chance. But for 48 hours at least the house has been full of life
without him and his constant nagging.

77 thoughts on “a troubled relationship

  1. Any time the little bugger dares show its face around here, I do my (Robin) MacKenzie exercises, which are more like postures you lie in for 3-5 minutes than exercises, and it goes away again.

    He’s an Australian Physical Therapist who has written about it (not the greatest of writers, but the content is worth it). Email me if you want any information, but it is a lot better than drugs, etc., and strengthens the difficult bits. We sit too long.

    • Thank You
      for responding.

      Human relationships i’m not bad at and can handle most of the time
      but a relationship with serious pain is another matter entirely
      and sciatica can be vicious..there are times i can’t think when i’m having an attack and sleep is out of the question…and the attack can last for days.
      Again, thank you for responding,
      My best to you

  2. It takes a fine nature to make light of pain and yours, Sir, is a fine nature.
    May the “little bastard” stay away forever.
    Winnie and myself send you love.

    • Pepperanne
      The heaviest bags I could find!
      Maybe I’ll be lucky and he’ll find richer pickings somewhere else…but I have my doubts.
      Thank You for understanding.

  3. Dear John, I wish you had my therapists–two fellows who showed me, and later my husband, an exercise that has kept Sciatica at bay (we sent him to the beach) for several years. I do my exercise faithfully and so far he’s a goner. I’ll be thinking of you.

    • i try, Chris, i try but at times it’s not easy.
      i’ve been plagued by the bloody thing for the best part of 15 years on and off but in the past few months it has been particularly vicious..and will as day follows night, return. What to do?
      Thank you

      Best always

  4. Sciatica like hard times is an unwelcome guest to many and what a painful visit his presence is.
    I do hope you stamped his ticket one way John. A more Draconian debilitating beast I cannot imagine. I’ve even attempted some hocus pocus incantations in desperation but alas they failed miserably. Good luck and may you not find him hanging around your door again.

    • Thank you

      Jon, My Friend

      for your compassionate words, much appreciated. Love the incantations – they didn’t work but not to worry at least they kept you off the streets for a while..or did they?

      Ever Your Friend


  5. Oh that Scrooge of a holiday buster. May he be forever reformed and leave you in peace. Someone above mentioned the PT Robin MacKenzie. Another fan here.

  6. Oh goodness John, that horrendous, vicious pain. It can make one want to jump off a cliff. Can you tell I know of this monster? Fortunately, it left me somewhere along the way. You are in my prayers.
    blessings ~ maxi

  7. Well, I hope the little bastard doesn’t come back! But in case he does, my late husband experienced a lot of relief from an inversion table, where you hang with your feet higher than your head (he hung at about a 45 degree angle), in fact, in his case, complete relief. He used it 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Read this and see what you think: http://teeter-inversion.com/Relieve-Sciatic-Pain/ Ignore the photo of the woman at the bottom doing an impossible back bend while upside-down 🙂

  8. I’d offer sympathy but your admirable attitude appears to be making the best of it John but I will offer you Khalil Gibran: “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding”. I deduce from your poetry that you’ve already discovered this.

    PS I hope he strays into Russian airspace on the way back 😉

  9. Sometimes we must be hard with somebody, here we say: “1000 times to be alone that t0 be with nasty friends” (it’s a translation more or less)
    Best regards,

  10. John, I am so sorry to have missed this post initially, even more sorry to find that you are experiencing pain. Sciatica is right up there with one of the most painful maladies and is incredibly relentless. I enjoyed this post very much, you are a courageous and strong man to write such light and lovely poetry about sciatica pain. Please feel better soon. Many hugs! Holly

    • Thank You, Holly,
      for such kind words, i appreciate them
      and you deeply.
      Have just had 5 bad days – hence the no posts – but
      feeling a bit better again.

      And to end on a very happy note:
      i LOVE your new profile picture – great!

      Big hugs

      • John thank you so much, I was down in KW at an art/craft show, just a little thing. I missed you and wondered why your work was not coming up in my mail, now I know and am feeling very empathetic having suffered from sciatica myself a few years ago…It is very painful to put it mildly. I hope you are on the mend, sending my very best wishes to you.
        Big hug John!

    • Thank You, David.
      Unfortunately the little bastard didn’t like the north and was back in a few days but a little bit better behaved than before…for now, that is.

      My best to you


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