40 thoughts on “emperor penguins

    • Thank You, Mike.
      This may surprise you but I appeared in several episodes of Hall’s Pictorial Weekly. I was a member of Equity in those days and any time the programme needed ‘the Labour Party candidate’ they sent for me. It was quite an experience ‘backstage’ with Frank and Kelly & Co..bordering on the zany at times! Good memories.
      Thank you for mentioning it.
      Best Always

      • Totally Awesome John! I am so impressed! I’ve actually watched you on TV! You learned your satire at the Master’s knee. You’re are a veritable polymath. And you keep good company – Kelly, I still do a party-piece of his ‘Twelve Days of Xmas’. This is a wonderful moment to share with you John.

  1. Being ever the one who has a different perspective than most on everything it seems, I believe the old communists at a party meeting clustered like emperor penguins. I can’t help it John I am what I am! Regardless your association is unique and well thought out and I love it!

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