child star

Apologies to All for yesterday’s unintentional re-posting of ’emperor penguins’.
A few days back, the birds disappeared for some reason best known to them or to the gremlins
in the ether and in my clumsy attempt to recover them – tech and i don’t get on – i re-posted them. Forgive me.

child star

i see again the december sun in Ireland
shuffle past the odour-heavy barn
and droop on the western hedge
run through by thorn

that old as Methuselah star
i once lifted out of a small boxed world
and hung on another time faroff sky

above the just arrived Christmas cards
and tree and feasting solstice
light for a humble coming
ice-bright train that stopped a while
to let me catch my breath

42 thoughts on “child star

  1. The season brings many memories of Christmases past to recall. Yours include brilliantly lighted pictures for me to savor along with the fond rich impressions they left with you. Thank for sharing them with me.

  2. I love the ability you have to play with the structure of words within a poem to create uniquely expressive images, John. The entire second stanza is so laden with poetic imagery that it seems to capture a world of childhood draped in nostalgia and wishfullness.
    Wonderful writing!

    • Chris,
      I always look forward to what you have to say for invariably it rings true and is true and of course I enjoy the compliments…who wouldn’t?
      Thank You sincerely.
      Ever with my best

  3. Lovely words that pulled up memories and created images. Reminded me of going outside on Christmas Eve to gaze at the stars and think of Christmases past and the original time those centuries ago when the real reason for Christmas occurred.

  4. John, another stunning poem, beautiful imagery created throughout. The second stanza is my favorite, especially with “a small boxed world” and “another time faroff sky”, but I can’t forget to mention, “ice-bright train” fantastic visual. Lovely as always, thank you! (Sometimes, and of course laughing ay myself, I wish these trips down memory lane were one way, and not a round trip ticket!)

    Warm wishes,

  5. Lovely poem! The Winter Solstice is largely connected to the name of my blogsite, and a tribute to my fascination with the season. I loved the winter themes, and need to get to work on my Christmas cards I intend to send!

    • Send those cards, Ry, a practice I abandoned some years back but that’s just me.
      Thank You for the great support
      and I hope you’re keeping warm in cold Missouri.
      Best to You

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