spring clean

i have put my house in order
spare again as Japanese salon
elegant in essentials

every commercial muted
red carpet rolled up and out
silicone sent packing
commentators ignored
vidiots and brangelinas binned

straight lines straight talk
i sit look at the sky i think

no more a collector of trivia
i know what time it is
i have collected myself

72 thoughts on “spring clean

  1. You’re back! I started to worry about you a couple days ago John, glad you are back!

    I am doing some winter cleaning here tomorrow! Tired of my smoke alarm going off almost every time I cook, from having a messy ovan!

    My favorite line was:

    “vidiots and brangelinas binned”

    Excellent poem my friend! 🙂

    Best wishes!

  2. Brother John – One of my favorites. Wonderful start to 2015. Love the opening stanza:

    i have put my house in order
    spare again as Japanese salon
    elegant in essentials

    And the second stanza that discards the trivial

    and finally the gentle thrust of the last stanza:

    no more a collector of trivia
    i know what time it is
    i have collected myself

    I admire the double meaning of ” i have collected myself”
    and the way the spare clean form of the poem echoes the substance.

    One of your best!

    – Brother David

  3. So nice… I like Japanese style, clean, cosy though so simple. I hope this year could be for ecerybody, so peaceful as the Japanese style….

  4. Is it association that we collect for? Objects to relate and connect with fleeting passions. Somewhere in the vast arsenal of our gelatinous gray mater the need to connect with objects representative of the many causes and loves of our life seek comfort from the memorabilia. I’ve never stopped to logically reason why as it would surely take a large portion of the passion from having so adored them. I am intrigued with this work John. The essentials are really the true roots of life. Thank you for the mental cleansing.

    • …and Thank You
      Jon, My Friend,
      for this most thoughtful response; you’ve sent my mind in many directions with these remarks and I appreciate how well you’ve thought – deeply and with meaning.

      Ever Your Friend


  5. Been cleaning up like a storm during my December break – but then I realize one can never really catchup. Happy January John, have a wonderful weekend.

  6. What a lovely start to the new year. Yes, I must collect myself and put away my flamingo Christmas tree along with the other holiday distractions and begin my new book, this one non-fiction from the psychologist side of me. Karen

  7. You’ve eloquently captured that sparseness that seems to be, when the holiday hoopla has been dismantled for another year.
    (“Vidiots” appears often in my journal, and continues to be one of my favorite words of the moment!) 🙂

      • Well, all I know is that I have used the word since the nineties…probably it coined itself, such a perfect descriptor it is for our times. I’m sure it will enter the dictionary at some point. I wonder what the lexicographers will say about its origin. Will they say it’s a meme? The way natural language develops is a wondrous thing is it not? I’ve. enjoyed thinking about this. Thanks, John 🙂

      • You’re absolutely right about the nineties, Cynthia. My neighbour (who is good at this sort of thing)
        tells me he first came across ‘vidiot’ in 1992 when an Australian tv station had some sort of quiz
        programme for teenagers called ‘vidiot’ so i was 15 years at least behind the times – typical me!
        He suspects the word was coined by someone associated with that station but says it might have been
        even earlier than that. He tells me further that it does appear in some American-published slang dictionaries.
        Thank You so much for these exchanges, i appreciate them greatly.
        Big hugs


  8. Finely wrought, always a pleasure to read you John. I enjoyed this quite a bit and the ending stanza really brough it home, (so to speak). Hope all is well and happy new year.

  9. Great poem, dear John!~
    I love these verses in particular;
    They made me think of an infinite line placed in an slightly vertical way…
    And it continues beyond until it converges with another line!~
    Best wishes for 2015. Aquileana 😀

  10. Oh this is clever – liked the line about vidiots and brangelinas.

    I’ve missed your poetry and stories. Good to see you after the madness of the holiday season. A spring cleaning, indeed – I could benefit from some, too.

  11. Nothing better than knowing what time it is and getting in sync with our clock.
    Our comfort zone arrives and we leave “this” alone… and ponder “that”.
    Good to see you again, John.

      • I have no “yours”, but so far, the new year has begun very well, with the sounds of many, many chick arrivals amongst the wild bird population I’m surrounded by.
        Their tolerance to, and fight against climate change is amazing.
        All the best for 2015

  12. A relic of oul decency, Don, that’s what I am..and still going for a while at least.
    Thank You once again for the wonderful support you show me.
    Btw, I love the rhyme!

    I hope the year has started in the finest way possible for you.

    Best Always


  13. John, what a fantastic start to my Sunday! Great commentary on the holidays and moving through the maze of plastic, and making it to the other side. I love this, as it challenges the true meaning of the holiday spirit, at least for me. My favorite stanza is the second one, and my favorite line, “silicone sent packing”. This poem is loaded with the most wonderful visual metaphors, such as “red carpet rolled up and out”. I must compliment you again, as I read the final two stanzas there is a change in mood, returning to the reflections and the realities of real life. At least this is my spin. Welcome back from the holidays, always a pleasure to read your words, and a very Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Always warm wishes,

    • Pepperanne
      Happy New Year to You
      And Thank You for your warmth and generosity – a true blue.
      I hope this year will be good for all of us who post and for all in general, we are
      in a difficult age and need a lot of love and peace.
      Bless you always


  14. Pare back, away with the dross. No need for asinine clutter and intrusion. This is the only way to go. I only hope others will follow, flying with the flock is not for you.

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