44 thoughts on “Japanese macaque

  1. He looks like my dad. Are they in a hot spring? Really enjoyed this. I do not read enough of other peoples poetry. I am missing a lot. I will be making more time to read the writing of people I follow. He really does look like my dad – especially if he’s forgotten to take his blood pressure meds!

  2. I like your idea John of getting him to start a blog – poor chap he does have that look about him. Perhaps his stories would be about all the funny humans who he has to look at every day.

  3. I love it John! Reminds me of the Japanese shōjō, which wikpedia says “is a kind of Japanese sea spirit with red face and hair and a fondness for alcohol” that is sometimes associated with the Orangutang. I wrote on it once!

    Your poem also reminded me of another poem I wrote, when I was monkeying around with colorful primates:

    “Monkey On My Back, Breathing Down My Neck”
    by Ry Hakari

    Suppose window sills,
    like the winter’s willow chills,
    let their howls in still…

    Damn those colorful Mandrills!
    Stop haunting Jack Frost — PAINT SPILLS!

    Anyway, great haiku John. Was the traditional concept of alcohol causing a red face, in connection with the sadness of your muse for this poem, deliberate? I also noticed the wetness around the fur of the Japanese macaque’s mouth and chin, which contributed to my thinking this was a deliberate connection!

    Best wishes!


    • Love the poem, Ry, and Thank You for the detailed comments.
      You’re as sharp as ten new razorblades..it was deliberate but i wouldn’t
      have mentioned it unless someone brought it up…You! and i’m not surprised it was you..razorblades!

      Best Always


    • Strange that to say the least
      Dear Myra

      I hope it can be sorted out.
      I’ve been wondered where you were and I hope the year is off to a good start WordPress account aside.

      Big hugs


  4. Interesting photo and discussion. Has anyone ever heard the song “The Monkey Speaks His Mind.” It’s from the ape’s POV and discusses human behavior. 🙂 Dave Bartholomew, 1957.

  5. Good question, Christy:
    anything from ‘what are you looking at?’ to
    ‘what time does the gift shop close?’

    Thank You so much for reading and commenting.

    Big Hugs


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