Director wins Nobel for Physics?

I’ve just finished watching one of the latest action movies – why i bothered i can’t say – and it strikes me that no director has ever been awarded the Nobel for Physics. That oversight on the part of the Swedish Academy shouldn’t go unchallenged. For years, directors and their ‘cattle’ (Hitchcock’s term for actors) have been successfully defying the laws of gravity without the recognition they deserve. Where else do you see hirsute overweight heroes in tight trousers leaping uphill with graceful ease or hopping effortlessly from ground to roof in pursuit of the villain?

41 thoughts on “Director wins Nobel for Physics?

  1. I can’t think of any overweight hero-type actors in older movies. The chubby ones were all in comedic roles….. now there’s a thought to ponder on πŸ™‚

    • Thank You, Robyn,
      for reading and responding.
      Good to see You here, hope you’re coming back to stay.

      Big Hugs


      Ps: most of the overweights in tight trousers in action movies but certainly not all come from a particular place

      • I’ve not been all that far away, I’ve been writing new poems for a competition. They’ll be submitted very soon. Thank you for your kind words.
        Best wishes to you as always,

  2. Good humor Uncle John – not too much plot these days, more loud booms and fast action. Do miss those days of good writing and plots.

  3. Cinematic magic John! Defying the laws of physiques is apparently as you have noted not recognized by the assemblage at Nobel. Cinematic entertainment all but died long ago. Where are the great directors, thespians and plots? Olivier and his peers are all gone and all that is currently appearing under the guise of motion picture performers are pathetic excuses.

  4. John, this is a wonderful take on the film industry. Really, I wonder how they even secure the funding to make this stuff! I had a good laugh, thank you! Please take care.

    Always warm wishes,

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