46 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s

  1. You have captured a plethora of emotions within your terse lines John. More profound than I thought at first glance. Happy Valentine’s Day John my friend.

  2. And a Valentine’s greeting back to you, John. I am unfortunately one of those Valentine’s grinches and think the whole thing is overblown. Probably because of the trading valentines catastrophe when I was in grade school!

  3. Your use of the word “sane” interests me very much. As do your words “calm” and “kind.” Indeed, I conducted a brief online review of St. Valentine to discern whether he had bouts of insanity. Knowing your work as I do, I know these words are representative of some specific notion of the holiday. Am I daft? Of course, we are all a little crazy for love. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friend!

    • Nothing gets past you

      Dear Gina.


      i chose the words more as a counter to the hype and often nonsense
      associated with the day – i was aiming for a more steady mature approach.

      Happy Valentines

      Stay warm!!

      Lots of love


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