click flash click flash

…and here comes Vienna Hyatt

click flash click flash

nominated this year for her performance
in Unchained Melon Perimeters
the tale of a marginalised widow
battling weight and substance abuse issues

click flash click flash

Vienna’s wearing Salome de la Danza
and tonight is on the arm of Pepe Piragua
himself a nominee two seasons back
for Best Actor in a Supporting Role
as the conflicted veteran Buck
in Bornholm Tansy’s Derivative Wars

click flash click flash

in a recent interview with Z!
Vienna called Pepe her divining rod
helping her as he’s helped many stars before
discover the well of happiness
(could this be the real deal for both?)

but this is Vienna’s moment
when she and her dress and the carpet are one

click flash click flash

Ms Hyatt may we have a word?
how do-?
i’m so blessed…

51 thoughts on “click flash click flash

  1. Perfect parody for tonight’s Academy Awards, which I never watch because I’m so tired of the Hollywood elite telling us how wonderful, rich and smart they are, 24/7. She called Pepe her divining rod? My, how titillating!

  2. Hollywood and the little minds it attracts are for me the absolute height of boredom. A more pretentious lot of egomaniacs exist nowhere else beyond the neon and camera flashes of Tinsel Town. Actors and actresses they are ad nausea but talented creative and entertaining thespians, never. The awards are another sham and show for that self aggrandizing lot. Great perspective here John. Jon Michael

  3. And the crowd roars in approval. May the Oscar winners, sponsors and supporting service industry make as much mulah as their hearts desire, may it bring them a tenth as much happiness as the pleasure of one good poem. Cheers.

  4. Oh, c’mon, what is more fun than watching a bunch of liberals dressed up and applauding one another. The news is so entertaining, really.

  5. Oh my, the red carpet, shivers! I have always wanted a Salome de la Danza and even more so a Pepe Piragua. Still laughing here. big hugs!

  6. like dancingpalmtrees, I liked the divining rod/water-witching reference, something I’ve written about before! I don’t usually watch award shows though, not having a working tv. and having to watch my shows online!

    My best to you brother John!


  7. And yet this type of thing still seems to demand attention. A wonderful side-swipe at the ridiculous nature of some things, John. That said I’ve just heard that I am up for the award of the person least likely to be nominated for, or indeed accept, an award, so I hope you’ve got your fingers crossed!
    All the best.

  8. Fascinating and Funny Brother John.

    You never fail to amuse my with your tales and talks!! This one .. perfect parody for Awards show!! Hahaha…!

    Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂

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