56 thoughts on “sea horse

  1. Beautiful creatures. Appropriate timing John as I was reading this week that the British seahorse is under threat because of construction. We have 2 species in our waters the spiny and the short snouted. I hope they can be saved.

  2. John, what a wonderful way to start my Friday, with a charming haiku, thank you! Beautiful little creatures, Mother Nature got that right, “expectant father”, how lucky for the mother! Ha-ha!

    Always warm wishes,

  3. Seahorses are very interesting, beautiful oceanic creatures! And your haiku did the intrigue of the species justice! Or course technically, there are 54 species of Seahorse, I was unsure of what I skimmed on wikipedia, if Seahorse is another name for the genus Hippocampus, or a further subgrouping. Great post brother!

    Always my best to you!


    • Brother Ry
      Thank You very much.
      I’m no expert on the little creatures but I do know they are quite beautiful and that little bit ‘different’

      My best to You, Brother


  4. Sea horse and the fabled unicorn, bless both of them. Unique and rare is the one no more than a wisp of smoke in air the other. As for the male bearing the off-springs better the seahorse than me! A rendering to start the juices of imagination flowing again John, thank you my dear friend. Jon Michael

  5. One of those moments of a father’s life! Lovely. I didn’t knew brother John you are a photographer too? Incredible shot!

    Be Bettr, Stay Bettr!

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