break a leg young thing
this is your moment
after all those morgue afternoons
rehearsing old school mystiques
fine tuning your pauses
making each phrase count

your entrance upstage
deliberate slight in silhouette
moving into light and out
making us sit up

a stir
a single shoot
peep of crocus
second delivery
you hold our breath in yours

delay the extended arm
purple patch declamation
flourishes of yellow madness
in winterspent fields

in the morning we’ll blog and tweet
your budding craft
your youth

57 thoughts on “spring

  1. What a way of seeing you have
    and then delivering. Winnie says no one should be allowed
    to write as beautifully and originally as you do, there should
    be a law against it. You know we love your work and we love you.

    • Audrey,
      I hope the wait is almost over, it’s been a tough winter over there.

      Stay calm and be patient.
      Thank You so much for reading and responding.

      Big Hugs


  2. John, this is wonderful, a lovely introduction to the upcoming arrival of spring, absolutely my favorite time of year. What a great welcome to my morning, thank you!

    Always warm wishes,

  3. John, it sounds to me like you and I are not the only ones that wish the buds would burst forth and spread its magic.



  4. I’m glad Spring has almost sprung too brother! It’s been a difficult Winter for me.

    My favorite lines:

    “peep of crocus

    Made me think of

    Denied us

    Though your phrasing sounds much better πŸ™‚

    My best to you John!


    • You’ve been freezing your ass off, Brother,
      i couldn’t take it..so near to the beautiful Missouri
      that i would love but i’d be out of there from october to april..
      yes, i’d cheat.

      spring arrives SOON

      Your Brother


      • Yes, I can’t wait! The river is beautiful throughout October to April as well, I’ve been down there a few times through these Winter months! Spring, hurry up!

        Best always!


  5. The sun’s changing arc warms the hibernating beauties as they don their best to soon lead us to their colorful review. John my friend I am feeling spring is long overdue as winter has raped the land of its intrinsic beauty and covered the land with pallid colors. Your poem brings me hope winter is losing its sway. There is magic in your words John, magic. Jon Michael

    • It’s been a hard winter for many in the northern countries so spring I feel will be doubly welcome this year.
      Thank You, Miss Mary and please continue to share with us your beautiful work.

      Big Hugs

      uncle john

    • Yes, Don, I was hoping to have a new view here, a different approach and to keep it light and charming, if possible.

      Thank You.

      My best to You



      No need for apology; if you’re busy, you’re busy

  6. Bravo and a standing ovation! This deserves its rave reviews. ‘This is your moment’ – milk it! Such an original take on Spring, a fresh and totally original interpretation,
    ‘making us sit up’.

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