38 thoughts on “cheetah and tommy

  1. haunches/launches

    All within the confines of a haiku
    and without losing the thrust.

    It’s perfect.

  2. Harry got this one – a simple view of a fact of life. Works beautifully in bringing the power of the scene in few words. Nice Uncle John

  3. Predator and prey. Life in the balance and so nature metes out longevity to the most able and adept. As for mankind the rules are juggled and skewed as we are adept at endangering with malicious forethought every living species. Your haiku is power with brevity and I love it John.
    Ever your friend, Jon Michael

  4. With all those “aww” sounds, I feel like I should feel sorry for Tommy. Get it? au sounds like aw….bad joke, but great ku!

  5. Oh, I love this. I have been watching Big Cats, I think it is a National Geographic series, it is so interesting but gruesome at times, such is life. It’s great getting back to nature , next time Tommy makes it…thank you John, loved it.
    Many hugs! Have a wonderful Sunday.

    • Thank You, Holly
      and i hope the weekend is going well for you, too.
      Some of those National Geographic programmes are fascinating
      and yes there’s a great deal of cruelty in Nature.

      Big hugs


  6. John, really wonderful haiku capturing the essence of nature and wild things! I had to laugh to myself, something about knowing the first name of your meal, “tommy” seems a little unappealing, but then I’m not a cheetah! Ha-ha! Always terrific writing, so many lovely surprises, especially clever as some gazelles are actually called a “Tommie”, making this haiku all the more amazing. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Warm wishes,

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