54 thoughts on “flower inviting bee

  1. I like the analogy here, John, to human activity, especially in our ‘Modern Times’. I guess everything’s trying to sell itself. Nature as prostitute? There’s a thought!

  2. Wonderful! If only spring would show its wares here. It was snowing just last week. No crocus. No daffodils or tulips. Very late here and so disappointing! Glad to read about it though 😉

  3. John, a beautiful haiku, we are having a lovely spring here, and the bees are so busy! Too bad the bees don’t have their own pocket money, after all they work so hard!

    Always warm wishes,

  4. Great Spring poem brother! I sat in the grass at the park the other day, and watched as bees pollinated the wildflowers surrounding me. How nature sustains itself surely is fasinating, isn’t it?

    My best to you John!


  5. Saccharine words that dip into my imagination and set off the large buzzzzzz of satisfaction John . Ever your friend, Jon Michael

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