of sky and yellow bird

this evening by the sea
on a blue sheet spread over
i shape a yellow bird
riding the final updraught home

a bird that hears on high
the old diction bellows of Olympians
demanding tribute suppers
and the nervous pot-pan flurries
of menials cosseting their buds

sees displeasures flash across the droopy sun
scimitars slashing red throes magnesium
and wonders if requital is as sweet
a fire as brandy on flambé

at blotchy puce on muted grey
the yellow bird from his solitary roost
looks to where the sky’s come down
to meet receptive water
and imagines it’s a first date going well

39 thoughts on “of sky and yellow bird

  1. Magnificent Brother! This is truly on of you best take..

    What an ending!

    “he yellow bird from his solitary roost
    looks to where the sky’s come down
    to meet receptive water
    and believes it’s a first date going well” — lovely!! 🙂

    Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂

  2. I love the contradictory nature of this poem, John: the simplistic beauty of the opening, set against the dark undercurrent that underpins life. I really like the ending – fantastic writing!

  3. Superb. Quite the observant and hopeful little bird. Bright with future flight. You extracted a moment not many stop to wonder about, but always seem to want to.
    You’re very study-able, I appreciate how you bend the horizons. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  4. John, your writing is as eloquent as ever, spinning the inevitable into magic! Challenging the mind with what is and what will be. For me, I have to wonder, are we all that yellow bird in some fashion? Beautifully visual, I love the last stanza, and the last verse, perfect, “and believes it’s a first date going well”. Please take good care!

    Hugs and warm wishes,

  5. Something about this poem feels familiar, like deja vu. I really like it, especially liking birds, which I sometimes watch at the park. I never see any yellow birds there though! The yellow bird made me think of your gravatar image, of you in a yellow shirt. Anyway, the way you described the sunset was unique and awe-inspiring!

    My best to you brother!


  6. This has to be one of my favorites John , Droopy skies, awesome images throughout Hat’s off fine poet Many hugs, Holly

  7. When the imagination of a mature poet takes flight
    the outcome is magical, and this is magical.
    Such ability, Poet!

  8. The elusive “bird’s eye view.” We are all too caught up in the terrestrial details to gain that kind of perspective. Except, of course, our master poets and you, John, are one.

  9. John ….what a gorgeous “first date ” … Your words , each and all so beautiful … You are more than a fine poet ! I especially liked the musical line , ” at blotchy puce on muted grey the yellow bird from his solitary roost ”
    Thank you again for your unique inspiration … I am always learning from you each time I read your work…love megxxx

    • Sorry
      Dear Meg

      for being slow in thanking You
      i’m just recovering from a murderous bout of flu
      and a wicked attack of sciatica at the same time …a charmed life eh?

      Thank You for the wonderful support

      Much Love


  10. An observation cultivated with possibilities and historical reflections that add new dimensions to possibilities of blue sky thinking and imagery. I can dip my hog hair brush in this and lavish a canvass John. Ever your friend, Jon Michael

  11. So intriguing. The yellow bird ‘riding the final updraught home’, (gorgeous), can see it all. Over the ages, waxing and waning, humanity never changes and you give us a very perceptive bird’s eye view, as you soar above all with your scimitar-like intellect, observing.

  12. Forever first date, because it is never the same. Thank you for the Yellow bird, John. I think only Irish can speak so poetically about the species so rare in this land 🙂

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