i am here
this place home

where are you?

are you sheltering from the rain in a doorway
on a bus with a dirty old man too close
walking by a river remembering
by yourself in a draughty room
or lying warm with a lover mouth to mouth?

tell me i’m listening

i like to think
the wind at night is saying
you’ll be here when i wake


this is my last blog for a few weeks,
i’m taking time away

39 thoughts on “here

  1. I am here: at my computer. Listening to your words as I listen to the world.

    Getting ready to do the thing that gives me intense pleasure: writing (currently the graphics for my cover) because that is what I WANT to do with my time (ignore, please, the fact that it is an addiction).

    Enjoy your time off – come back refreshed.

  2. I will miss you John … have a fulfilling time away …with blessings and love , megxxx. ( I am home with all of us )
    Pure , simple beauty your poem dear friend …

  3. Utterly beautiful poem, John.
    Please don’t stay away too long, we need you.
    Winnie and Harry

  4. LOVE this. Very much. Might be my new favorite. I am utterly drawn in. Easily. Reading this felt like falling into open arms.

  5. You will continue to walk beside me, dearest Poet.

    I also like, and want, to think you will be here once again, when you feel refreshed and renewed after ‘time away’, Take good care of your dearest self.


  6. Hello John – May this Sunday shine for you – You will be missed – Enjoy your time off with energy….You precious poems will always stay my daily therapy…

  7. When I seek out my respite from the ordinary it will not be here for a while. I recognize and accept it with sorrow for myself but hope your absence is restful and invigorating for you John.
    My very best to you as always John.
    Ever your friend, Jon Michael

  8. we all need to stay away from internet, now and then… 🙂
    @”where are you?…” – back home after a wonderful break in Menorca, Balearic island… 🙂
    * * *
    my very best, stay healthy and “cool”! cheers, Mélanie

  9. How Do John: Here’s hoping that you enjoy your sabbatical…I’m sure you’ll write enough in your “time off” to fill a volume Your Metis buddy from the High Plains ~ Duke

  10. Sorry it took so long to make my way to your blog John, had a lot on my mind. Someone let me know that you were taking a break from blogging for a few weeks, otherwise I would have been on it faster!

    As someone who walks by the river, I vicariously imagined reading your poem a second time in an American accent, of people who wonder at me, if anyone does! Short, but full of wonder brother! Looking forward to your return!

    Take luck!


  11. Hi, again!
    I’ve nominated you for the Encouraging Thunder award and a Quote Challenge– more information is available on my blog. You are in no way obliged to accept; I know some people aren’t really into these things.

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