Chucky and odds of 10 to 1

Upstairs lives a middle-aged gent who is a self-anointed guru, expert on all subjects from the mating habits of Amazonian spider monkeys to the continuing success of karaoke in Taiwan. That he bears a more than passing resemblance to Chucky doesn’t help but neither does it bother me, we are what we are; what irks are his pronouncements and attitude. Give an opinion on any matter and he will not put you right gently but tell you bluntly how ill-informed and stupid you are. Yes, he’s a charmer. Of course there are other words for him but since i came out on top in our most recent (and possibly last encounter) i’ll be generous.

I met him by chance on the eve of the Djokovic/Nadal match at the French Open.
‘Djokovic’s run is about to come to an end,’ he declared. ‘Today, the King of Clay will show him who is boss.’
‘I disagree,’ i said. ‘I have the feeling Djokovic will win in straight sets.’
He put on his most definitive Chucky face and said, ‘What a total ignoramus you are!
Straight sets? Clearly you know nothing about tennis.’
About tennis i do know a little bit but i let his remarks go and repeated, ‘straight sets.’
‘Would you like to put your money where your mouth is?’ he asked.
‘I’m not a betting man,’ i said.
‘Aha! The reply of a coward, a spineless coward.’
‘All right then, what odds will you give me?’
He straightened up to his full five foot five and said, ‘Ten to one. I’ll give you ten to one Djokovic will not win in straight sets. In fact Nadal will do just that.’
‘Most generous,’ i said, ‘those odds are most generous.’
‘When I know I’m right,’ he said, ‘the odds don’t matter. Ten to one.’
‘Very well, i’ll bet twenty dollars.’
‘It will be my pleasure to knock on your door tomorrow and collect my winnings,’ he said with a smirk that was compelling.

I watched the match as i’m sure he did and rejoiced when Djokovic did indeed win in straight sets and wondered how long it would take Chucky to come to my door and pay up or if he would come at all.
To give him his due he rang my bell at ten o’clock the next morning and when i opened up he didn’t say a word but shoved four fifty-dollar bills into my hand.
‘Thank you,’ i said and off he went with a face on him like a cow’s arse. I’ve not seen him since, it’s school holidays here and he and the wife and the two kids are away but when he returns i have the feeling he won’t speak to this ignoramus again. I consider that a blessing.


Sorry i can’t manage more for now, the ole sciatica is giving me serious grief.

27 thoughts on “Chucky and odds of 10 to 1

  1. Sorry to hear about the sciatica – mine comes back occasionally, but since I do the McKenzie exercises the instant it starts (and a little bit daily prophylactically), I don’t have much pain. I don’t dare not get to it right away when it rears its ugly painful head, but it doesn’t take that much time to get things realigned (my PT told me about his book, 7 Steps to a Pain Free Life) many summers ago.

    The story is a great one – overconfidence on your neighbor’s part – luck on yours, and you didn’t have nearly as much at stake. I wish all bets worked out that way for me! Which is why I don’t bet money very often – I hate to lose.

    At least he had the grace to pay up.

  2. Forgot to mention: if you check it out, you’ll find McKenzie is a well-respected Australian physical therapist. And the first ‘exercise’ is basically getting into the right position and lying on your face/stomach in it for a few minutes, so the whole thing isn’t hard, especially when you’re in pain.

  3. I spit on sciaticus and rejoice in your winnings. Hope you don’t spend them on physical therapy. That will teach Chuckie to bet against a non-betting man. Cheers and feel better soon.

  4. I am so happy to see you back. Sorry to know about your painful sciatica, take good care. Btw, I enjoyed the post. Have a peaceful weekend. πŸ˜€

  5. Important message in your story Bapak John, I hope Chucky learned his lesson πŸ™‚ I hope the sciatica will leave soon – I am so sorry to hear this 😦 wishing you well and have a rest and peace weekend ❀

  6. Brother John – Glad you’re back and posting again. I can envision your obnoxious neighbor and even imagine the sound of his grating voice. We’ve all experienced that especially obnoxious acquaintance. You would have won even if he had not paid off the bet.

  7. Sorry about the pain. At under managing pain safely, member resources, at home resources is an 18 minute guided relaxation tape I made for our members dealing with chronic pain. Perhaps it can help provide some relief.

  8. A splendid anecdote dear John. I have missed you, your absence has been felt by us all. I hope the sciatica will let up on you very soon, oh, the misery! Ten to one you will up to snuff very soon!
    Many hugs!

  9. So sorry about the sciatica – I’ve had it myself and it’s no fun. I don’t know where your neighbor got his information, but practically anyone who’s been following tennis would have put their bet on Djokovic. Nadal has had a lot of shoulder problems lately and his ranking has slipped. He doesn’t seem to have the stamina he once had. Hope you put that cash to good use! Maybe a good bottle of whiskey to ease the back?

  10. Nadal being the formidable opponent that he is, those odds were indeed generous. His contorted mug must have been poetic justice of sorts. LOL! Wonderful to see your words John. I have been terribly preoccupied with work in recent weeks so my own presence here has been infrequent.

    Best wishes for relief from that sciatica. I have suffered it on occasion and it is not pleasant.


  11. Years ago I knew a guy who had a similar high regard for his opinion on every subject. In response to almost anything I said, his rejoinder began, “Actually…”. Haven’t seen him in a long time, so I no longer have the benefit of his constant corrections.

    Here’s hoping you’re feeling better soon.

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