beatings too violent for usual
coming right at me
violating my space

i thought Hitchcock attack
till i saw your purple spindles
straight back under you

tucked wing and soft breast landing
on the grass a yard from my feet
your eyes blinking fast and blank
ignorant of what was happening

or were you prompted it was time to fold?

you closed obedient to the will
and rolled on your side

not oil slicked or poisoned
your battery ran out just that

40 thoughts on “pigeon

  1. I really like the way that this poem flips the emotions so dramatically from foreboding tension to empathetic saddnes. And to accomplish this in so few words is quite a feat. Well done John!

  2. I too believe your poem , in its simplicity with words , a beautiful expression of a master poet …an inspiration of returning to our roots , this pigeon at your feet …thank you John ….love , megxxx

  3. Alar creatures are fascinating. But feathered or not their quill work cannot compete with yours John. I picture the dive and swoop to infinity ala the Ever Ready bunny! Good to again read and be entertained with your creativity John my dear friend. Jon Michael

  4. John, I found this poem visually beautiful and deeply emotional throughout. I was completely captivated by this line, β€œor were you prompted it was time to fold?” quite thought provoking and indeed soul-searching! I wish you well, please take good care.

    With love and admiration,

  5. Brother John – Wonderful poem. The unsentimental, matter of factness makes this poem that much more profound and touching.

    “your battery ran out just that”

  6. Who but you would write such a poem, choosing to dedicate it to the humble pigeon but you, unique Poet John?
    ‘ignorant of what was happening
    or were you prompted it was time to fold’?
    The quiet, almost baffled, dignity of exit – ‘rolled on your side’ – is very moving and thought-provoking.
    Welcome back, you nourish our souls.

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