58 thoughts on “rotten luck

    • You’re Welcome. TV’s with rabbit ears that you actually had to get up to change the channel and those few channels were Free!! That puppet mouse Topo Gigo on the Ed Sullivan show fascinated me as a child and everyone in my neighborhood was excited to see and listen to Leslie Uggamms on the Mitch Miller show. Follow that bouncing ball!! 🙂

  1. Where to go with this John! I think I’ll just reply regarding the broader theme because the other connotations are more humorous than philosophical for this man. It is good to see your pen in action with degree of regularity. Thank you for being a refuge of entertainment for me. May peace and love be always with you my dear friend. Jon Michael

  2. big smile John, you say it best as always. We live I a world where the microwave is annoying because it is not fast enough. Love and best wishes! Holly

  3. Can’t agree more with you. But then time travels faster than before these days and we are slowly losing patience. Blame it a bit on technology.

    Very well written.

  4. I just love this John! It has just appeared as a little beam of light in a series of dark moments today. It really did just make me smile!
    Your humour is beautiful!
    We are such a consumer society. everything is now now NOW! I’m guilty of it too though. Waiting for trains and buses, ordering stuff online, shopping, photography, internet speed…
    I plead guilty… and it’s so much worse because I recognise the Western greed that I have absorbed. Have you read Khaled Hosseni’s ‘And Then The Mountains Echoed’? I’m reading it at the moment and there is a very touching part where a character returns to the West and gradually becomes desensitised to the materialism and greed that marks our culture. So worth a read!
    Bit deep, sorry!

    firefly x

    • Such an excellent response, Firefly

      a huge THANK YOU

      with love


      ps: many thanks for following my blog, i appreciate it deeply

      and no, i’ve not read “And Then The Mountains Echoed”
      but it’s on my list


    • Yes, Noelle, they are yucky and yet the food of so many
      because most lands and countries are poor and the rich are
      always a privileged minority, the ones who can afford better.
      Interestingly, here in Singapore, one of the richest countries per capita
      on the planet, instant noodles are very popular..people are impatient and always in a hurry.

      Thank you for the response.

      best wishes


  5. Instant gratification, just like MacDonald’s, leaves the tummy rumbling within an hour or less post-consumption. We need to bring on the Slowfood Revolution!

  6. Hi John ….I fear I was born in the wrong century ! ( I still write letters with a pen and send them thru the post office ) ….thank you for making me feel so not alone with your funny verse ! Love , megxxx

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