through the (looking) glass

flowers bend before the bullying wind
trees throw down their arms in surrender
the grass bows

i don’t speak or move
but it takes all the thinking i can do
to keep in the same place
and if i don’t hold my tongue
someone’ll pick me

so i cup my daisy face
to face cirque du jour on crystal
moutheareye knowall and nobody


and lady with filet mignon for a hat
now why didn’t Alice think of that?

‘i never ask advice about growing’ said Alice
‘the question is whether you can make words
mean so many things’

a gust morse codes the window
flowers and trees nod extending the offer
natural temptations taste best
but screwballdinosaur’s not yet ready
to be gone

26 thoughts on “through the (looking) glass

  1. John , WOW ! I agree with what Holly wrote too as that was also a favorite line of mine ….your poetry always sends me a shiver as its so mesmerizing in the way you construct those words I know you have an intimate romance with ….gorgeous ! Thank you , love , megxxx

  2. “but screwballdinosaur’s not yet ready to be gone”, love it, I am one too! So many superlatives could be used to describe the pleasure of reading this wonderful muse. As for me I ‘ll use none. I’ll just sit back and savor it over and over as one of my special treats in life. Thank you John I absolutely enjoyed this. Ever your friend, Jon Michael

  3. Quite, quite surreal. You, most certainly, ‘make words mean so many things’, out-alicing Alice.

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