Singapore Merlion

broad pads bend the tall grass
and the canopy stirs in sudden wind

every eye is a red dot in lightning
but closes with each growl of thunder

in the afterstill the rain shines green
and the outpost resumes simple living

warm and sultry sea town
looks out to a deep sea change

the signs are right the setting perfect
for strangers to settle

bustle and chaos hand to mouth and rich pickings
the crucible burns failure and reward

junks ply and schooners spice the tides
shop houses sprout like rain-fed shrubs

dark years of invasion and execution
terror of polished boots and cruel hands

till the wild retreats to order
and the canopy is groomed

pawprints shape to monument
and tall glass mirrors the sky

rumbles in the undergrowth
bow to articulation

a gardener has come

This year Singapore celebrates 50 years of independence

16 thoughts on “Singapore

  1. This is a rich tapestry of observations and history you homogeneously blended like fine whiskey. I am overwhelmed with the beauty and crystal impressions it left for my senses to savor. Thank you for another shining example of the art of written communications my dear friend. Jon Michael

  2. Like the descriptions here, so evocative. I’m new to your work John and I’m beginning to realise that I’ve stumbled across something very special.

  3. You know and love your city John. Your light brushstrokes depict its history and heartbeat. Really well portrayed John, beautifully constructed.

  4. Wonderful to see you back and hoping there won’t be
    any more long absences.
    Winnie and myself wish you good health.
    Beautiful poem to honour independence.

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