the punt

Some years before the euro came into being the Irish pound broke
parity with pound sterling and became an independent currency.
To acknowledge the change the Irish government called its pound
the punt – the Irish for pound.
This was at a time when banks in Ireland were being mean with loans
to first-time house buyers and small businesses and as a result
they were unpopular right across the country.
A few days after the break an old friend of mine wrote a letter
to one of the national newspapers:

Dear Sir,

I’ve just worked out why the new pound is called the punt –
it rhymes with bank manager.


Yes, the letter was published.

27 thoughts on “the punt

  1. Laughing put loud. That’s telling it like it is I would have loved to have seen the face of the recipient of that message. Love,holly

  2. I had somehow missed this witty piece of humor John. You know me, always ready for a bit of levity to lift my spirits, and this one does. Thank you! Ever your friend, JonMichael

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