november is an old grey coat
with the lining down

cuffs frayed a burst armpit
two pockets with too big mouths

one loose button to close
against rain and wind

a few coins
meant for a fountain one spring

somewhere in the hem

and among illegible receipts
an undelivered love note

a shabby comforting friend
i’ll not offend with mending

49 thoughts on “november

  1. When Winnie and myself read your poetry we know we are
    in the presence of something and someone very special.
    This is magnificent in its simplicity and beauty.
    We don’t ask how you do it, we’re just grateful that you do.

  2. Love, love, love this one, John. Impossible to separate one line as a favorite. Like Harry, I love its simplicity. Such homey, clear images. I think we all envy you that coat.

  3. A sensitive metaphor here, John, which is touching yet not overly sentimental. I particularly like your ending:
    ‘a shabby comforting friend
    Iโ€™ll not offend with mending’
    as it resounds with a sense of contentment.

  4. I love November. It bares all with no inhibition. It casts its lovely light just so. The crows happily scold from the grey, bony fingertips of the eldest trees. You’re right, it is comforting. And, it has a beauty all its own. Wrap that trusty coat ’round and be grateful.

  5. ” November ….an undelivered love note ” …you are such a brilliant poet John , you have captured the atmospheric emotion of one of my most loved months with your ” old grey coat ” … thankyou my friend , love , megxxx
    P.s. – the sun is shining gloriously over michigans land this morning , hoping you see it too !

  6. In the belly of western county Sussex, November is as predictable as the next flick of the croupierโ€™s wrist, predictably unpredictable. Oh for the beauty and romantic ambiance of your โ€˜Spore November John. I am never certain if the morning will greet me like a Koala or a Kodiak. There is much to be said for the stability of sameness and predictability as I age. Thank you for this Monet of description and emotions. Every your friend, Jon Michael

  7. I love the personifcation…this is one of my favorites John. It’s a little sad, but it is November.

  8. Brother John – Wonderful poem. One of my favorites. I especially like:

    a few coins
    meant for a fountain one spring

    somewhere in the hem

    Vivid portrait of November.

  9. A unique take on November. That old, familiar, shabby coat we reluctantly pull down from the back of the wardrobe still affords comfort and protection. We are grateful to snuggle back into it and to find hidden, forgotten little treasures. Your poetry is our ‘loose button to close against rain and wind’. Beautiful.

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