Chut Wutty (1972-2012)


Chut Wutty was a brave Khmer.

He knew the law like the back of his hand

and challenged illegal loggers and their bribed officials.

Chut was shot dead at Veal Bei Point.

The wood keeps going to China.

Only 3% of Cambodia’s forests remain.

24 thoughts on “Chut Wutty (1972-2012)

  1. And I suppose there wasn’t even an investigation. Money has such a loud voice in our world. Always has, I guess, since its inception, but it seems to be shouting especially loud in the past 20 or 30 years!!!

    • Fine comment, Judy.
      Thank you for the support and for caring.
      An investigation? What’s that?
      Yes, if you’re ever in doubt about anything follow the money.

      big hugs


  2. We don’t think about Poachers as Illegal loggers, but they are just as ruthless as Ivory Poachers and drug dealers for any who get between them and their money. This is a growing problem already and the world’s population, including China’s eventually, will exacerbate the limitation of natural resources. I have done some reading on the Cham people and the Cambodian holocaust. I think this is a fine subject, John, and a fine elegy.

  3. I had not heard of this. Have you spent time in Cambodia? I have studied its tragic history some since my son moved there to teach at New Hope for Cambodian Children, which is an orphanage for children born HIV positive. I will read more about this. That is sad. Cambodia has been through so much.

    • Thank You, Eileen
      for your support and interest and bless
      your son for his good work. No, I’ve not spent much time there but am aware of what goes on.
      Wikipedia has a short piece on Chut but there are other sources, too.

      Thank You and take good care.

      Big hugs


  4. A shocking statement about the nature of the world in which we live, John. The brevity of your words has a powerful impact. Has humanity learned nothing over the centuries?

  5. That’s a beautiful tribute to the brave soul, John. Poor Chut Wutty. I don’t have to be Cambodian to be proud of him. May he rest in peace.

    Corruption is everywhere, but I feel it’s worse and brutal in most Asian countries, than say in western countries where basically the media are more likely to expose wrongdoings. Greed is a terrible thing. I don’t understand how it can get to the point where the already-rich hunger to get even richer at the expense of the downtrodden. We all have to die someday. Life is already so very short, and for all we know our time is tomorrow, and we can’t take a single cent with us but only our deeds in this world. So I just don’t understand how short-sighted the corrupted and greedy can be.

    Sorry for the rant! Cheers to you, John.

    • No rant at all, Dear Halim,
      but strong, wise words i appreciate deeply
      as i know they are from a good heart.
      Some of us are so stupid and short-sighted
      we’ll kill for a dollar.
      Bless you, Fine Man.



  6. My heart breaks for his family and also for the loss of trees.

    Thank you, John, for this powerful message of few words.

    • A brave man indeed who paid the ultimate price
      for challenging greed and corruption.
      He deserves more widespread recognition.

      Thank you, Noelle, for caring.

      much love


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