‘My Way’

I find it difficult to forgive Frank Sinatra for ever recording that memorable song not because he did it badly but because he did it so well that thousands of idiots since then have fancied it as their own. All of us have suffered deeply – i did last night – while listening to excruciating renditions by the local drunk or the local songbird at the amateur talent contest who insists on telling us how he did it his way.

37 thoughts on “‘My Way’

  1. And let’s not forget the overkill at funerals. I think I might go for ‘When Do I Get to Sing ‘My Way” by the wondefully talented band ‘Sparks’. I don’t know whether you know of the song – it’s worth a listen!

  2. Sad isn’t it? Hate to have a classic butchered. Have you heard Michael Bublé sing it?

    Might help your hangover, ya know, music wise. ☺

  3. Old Blue Eyes sang it in a way no one ever could. Certain songs have their own mystique and attachment to their original singer. Hearing My Way sung by Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, or any of the other singers of the era would still be a painful injustice. I also feel the same way about Frank Sinatra singing “The Way You Look Tonight.” And I don’t think he was the original singer, but the way he sang it, heavenly, no one could ever do it half as good. Loved reading your thoughts, Great post. Don’t know if we will ever hear another like Sinatra.

  4. This is definitely a Sinatra song, and no one else’s. I’m delighted you posted on this. Sinatra worked hours and hours on his delivery of every song, and I doubt anyone can replicate it. And that’s the problem – everyone wants to do the song ‘their way’ and there isn’t a better way!

  5. For me John your sentiments extend to the man who penned it too, Paul Anka. Who in my humble opinion was never a singer to begin with. It is agonizing to hear him attempt to sing the song. Not that I was ever much of a Sinatra fan either. I could take him or leave him. Mostly leave him. Ever your friend, Jon Michael

  6. The song has an interesting history:
    – The first version, in English and titled “ForMe,” was rejected by the artists to whom it was proposed.
    – The second version, in French and titled “Comme d’habitude,” was a huge success for Claude François.
    – David Bowie wrote English lyrics to the song titled “Even a Fool Learns to Love”, was rejected. It would later inspire his song “Life on Mars?”
    – Paul Anka, after hearing the song on French television, bought the rights for one dollar; and Anka wrote English lyrics specifically for Frank Sinatra.

  7. Hahahaha!! Yes indeed. It’s a shame that some are remiss about their talents or lack thereof! I sometimes fancy myself with mic in hand closing to thunderous ovation, only to realize I stand alone in my humble abode, my wife inserting earplugs and the neighbor downstairs pounding on the wall, his elevated voice refuting in a most unpleasant tone.

    The performance, as you were witness, is all the more nauseating slathered with a good long chug of whiskey. I expect the poor soul has no illusions of grandeur though and has not yet quit his day job.

  8. Perhaps it’s more about the time in our life that we first heard a song and it spoke to where we were.
    I confess I never liked the song. But I understand the sentiment.

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