the wire behind the mirror

the wire behind the mirror
has no allegiance to country or party
worships no look or image
knows nothing about desire

it suspends belief and vanities of reflection
the hanging the same accepting or dreaming

skeletal steel
rust in time will thieve but not destroy

35 thoughts on “the wire behind the mirror

  1. For me, this speaks to that which enables us to reflect — that “behind the scenes inner observer.” The presence that — while we may judge — does not. It is a way to see, but above and beyond the seen.

  2. John, poignant and relative. There is much safety from ourselves in being “the wire behind the mirror”, rather than the reflections of the doers of deeds. Beautifully written, crafted with exquisite thought.

    Warm wishes,

  3. Deeply philosophical yet so sparely and skilfully written. This wire will ‘rust in time will thieve but not destroy’. Your lines are so thought-provoking – infinite vanities hanging by this impartial yet vital component which largely goes ignored.

  4. suspends belief and vanities of reflection

    i had to think “deprived of joy yet shielded from affliction”

    beautiful , inspired me to write few verses that paled before the original
    best regards

  5. There is tremendous wisdom, resolve in possessing the ability to observe objectively without becoming deceitful and therefore judgmental. Your perspectives rise above many human frailties and have never failed to impress. Ever your friend, Jon Michael

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