is where i’ve stopped
my last space this room
the accumulated must and musk
bundles of a journey
time past time present
from cavalry charge of growing
to carriage of mature
damp-scented map i will not fold
and slip in a comfortable pocket
for some future dry reference

the prints of my heart
guilty and innocent
are everywhere on shelves
and i’m in the habit
of leaving faint marks
on table chair paper pen
horsemen good and true

44 thoughts on “at

  1. What you write makes me THINK. This piece reminded me of why we have never had our table refinished – the tracks of children are pressed into its surface and remind us of when they were young!

  2. Ah, how I’ve learned to appreciate all that “accumulated must and musk” – thank you, John, for putting such apt words to those feelings.

  3. This is what I bequeath, my emotions bared for the entire world to see, perhaps to even know. Regardless I am at peace with whom and what I am and have been. You live in a moment that is a marvelous place for the human heart to reside John. May peace and love be ever with you my dear friend. Jon Michael

  4. Makes me feels as though I am the old man that I am. At least I have a past, something those who died young barely had. I don’t respond with sadness but certainly in a contempletive mood after reading. Merry Christmas.

  5. Wonderful to arrive at a bivouac, an oasis of rich contentment and fulfilment. Your pack horse can rest and you carry no baggage, not even hand luggage. You are in ‘a very good place’.

  6. We leave our imprint where ever we touch, on the living and inanimate. Beautiful thoughts John. I failed to mention how wonderful it is to read you again! ❤

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