stand up to moral hazard
stand up to organised fear

shelve the ‘freedom’ football
the pitch is no more playable
and no one’s buying tickets

stop breaking and entering
pretending to renovate
pocketing the jewels

this is the year
to knock on the door and ask
old long since acquaintances
to show me the stellar scaffolding
of our now and past
how invisible real dark matter armies
keep hot-tempered galaxies

and be brave enough to leave new prints
in the dust from cosmic blast

36 thoughts on “resolutions

  1. This Uncle John is fabulous writing, mirrors many thoughts but so perfectly put into words by your pen. So much going on behind the scenes and truth rings true when unseen hands push to organize fear, hate and unrest. There is a lot here to think about and consider – so happy you are back.

  2. A wonderful piece – I personally loved “dark matter armies
    keep hot-tempered galaxies
    You are a man of science as well as poetry and prose!

  3. Clear the decks, sweep aside those jaded, uninspired half-efforts, climb the ‘stellar scaffolding’ and ‘leave new prints in the dust from cosmic blast’. John, you are Major Tom, going bravely, snaffling us up in your ‘trailing clouds of glory’. Here’s to 2016 and a brave new world.

  4. Worthy resolutions for a new year, especially,
    “and be brave enough to leave new prints
    in the dust from cosmic blast”

  5. Leaving footprints across time that fundamentally embrace peace love and universal understanding is a resolution mankind should unite behind. Humility and compassion are noble characteristics John and your work inspires me to always travel those roads. Ever your friend Jon Michael

  6. I too have a feeling that something real will start happening, good or bad we will see. We had enough pretense, labels, lies. It is the time to be brave and leave new prints on the unknown ground of the new year.

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