colourful footmen adjectives
attending in green blue and red
grass sky sunset

strapping chaps adverbs
smartly purposefully marching with
action heroes bodybuilders amazons

up where? what in? and but the a or ah!
seamsters and welders with names
prepositions conjunctions exclamations interrogatives
five times longer than themselves

words unconscionable pranksters
faulty alarms that go off in the small hours
charmers deceivers kneetremblers quakemakers
one-time offenders and recidivists
imps winking on the windowsills of imagination
formal and casual friday
crawling across a page or gallivanting to nowhere
discouragers fillips partners

42 thoughts on “words

  1. Yes, yes, and yes, and to be a maestro of their lot is a talent I fail miserably. To scribe or espouse where my imagination is roaming or my heart and love are skipping happily along, how I struggle. Do you have any idea how challenging it is to relate the absolute love you have and hold for the most precious love of your life? Have you wrestled with your most soul searching credo and then been unable to share it with the woman of your life? Words, words, words John my friend have left me in ecstasy and shoved me forlorn into the depths of misery. To relate what the human spirit wants to share is an art, I am not an artist of the discipline. Ever your friend, Jon Michael

  2. Wonderful, John. There is always something in each of your poems that just GRABS me. This time is was “imps winking on the windowsills of imagination”. You have such an incredible grasp of the power of words!

  3. Hard things to keep in check too, John. How many times have they high-jacked what you wanted to say and usurped your meaning with theirs? You have expressed this most eloquently. A great piece!

  4. and wouldn’t it be fabulous if he had festivals in the streets with all sorts of these and other vibrations, all-sorts welcome and watched with glee from imaginary windows 🙂

  5. faulty alarms that go off in the small hours
    charmers deceivers kneetremblers quakemakers
    one-time offenders and recidivists
    imps winking on the windowsills of imagination

    Pure genius!

      • Where have you been John? Not blogging much or am I somehow missing your blogs? Must admit lots going on here and I try to read as many as possible, but when they get far down in the Reader I sometimes miss them.

      • In another message I recommended a drug called Reumofan Plus. Just did some research on why it is banned and found this information: http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch/SafetyInformation/SafetyAlertsforHumanMedicalProducts/ucm306360.htm but, I must say if I had terrible duress I couldn’t get rid of any other way that I would take it again because for all of my friends who took it, it only took one or two pills and their pain disappeared. Probably impossible to get now anyway, but….

      • I have a guy who gives miracle massages. Wish I could send him to you. Cured my sciatica with two deep tissue massages. He really is a wonder worker. Sciatica is miserable. Hard to concentrate on much else.
        There is also a drug herein Mexico called reumaofan that does wonders…I think it isn’t legal in the U.S., but it has relieved friends (and myself) of incredible pain with just one or two doses. It is supposed to be all natural and sells in health stores but it is rumored to have cortisone in it. But actually for one or two doses, what difference does it make if it relieves pain? Need to check on that name…and spelling. I think you can get it on the Internet.

  6. You’re so wordy! But seriously, you’re one of the few I learn from (the rare times I’m here reading) You show many new ways to kick a verb, and all the angles to project an adjective etc. Keep wording responsibly 🙂

  7. This work is a microcosm and a macrocosm of linguistic brilliance – sheer genius. I love it. It takes my breath away.

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